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We are engaged in the development, sales and service of high-precision optical mechatronics application test products and related technologies

FocusAIM-V Auto Focometer

FocusAIM-V series vertical auto focometer is devel... .

FocusAIM-M Auto Focometer

FocusAIM-M series focometer is developed by Xi’an ... .

FocusAIM-H Auto Focometer

FocusAIM-H series horizontal focometer is develope... .

GoniAIM series absolute goniometer

GoniAIM series absolute goniometer is developed by... .

GoniAIM Dual heads comparable and absolute goniometer

GoniAIM dual heads comparable and absolute goniom... .

AngleAIM CPR series dual heads comparable goniometer

AngleAIM CPR series dual heads comparable goniomet... .

AIM-Base/EN/Std/Plus/Pro/Ultra series Autocollimator

AIM-Base/EN/Std/Plus/Pro/Ultra series Autocollimat... .

AIM-HS series Autocollimator

AIM-HS series Autocollimator is developed by Xi’an... .

AIM-Laser series Autocollimator

AIM-Laser series Autocollimator is developed by Xi... .

AIM-Line Autocollimator

AIM-100-Line Autocollimator is developed by Xi’an ... .

Our service advantages

Professional R&D

All the technicalteam members are senior development and application engineers in their field, have participated in many application projects of related products, and have many years of understanding and accumulation to the photoelectronic test technology and the applications, on the basis of which, we innovate constantly, develop test products of better stability, higher precision, higher reliability, and provide service to the customers.

Technical Research Team

We encourage and organize our team communicate and discuss with the professionals in the industry, to help us perfect the recent technology, grasp the trend of the new technology, improve ourselves, expand the technical view, enrich the technology accumulation.

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales

Besides the standard series instruments, we also provide specialized optical and photo-electronic test solutions to many customers in avigation, spaceflight, weapon, Chinese Academy of Sciences, machine tool and other industries and develop specialized optics, mechanics, electronics and computer integration digital test systems.

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Xi'an Optical Metrology

Located in Xi'an, an ancient capital, Xi'an Optical Metrology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to serve the research institutions, universities, high-tech enterprises at home and abroad and related scientific research personnel. Our company is engaged in the development and sales of high-precision photoelectric test products and application technologies and providing technical services. With our independently developed photoelectric auto-collimation technology as the core and client application as the orientation, we have developed many different series of high-preci...  More>>

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